YouTube · UX Designer · 2016-2018

Elevating the experience of premium content across YouTube.

Aspects of this project are confidential & can’t be displayed publicly. If you’d like to know more about my process, schedule a portfolio presentation.
YouTube Premium logo
About The Project
The ProblemYouTube is the center of the universe for video on the internet. But from the beginning, its been optimized for one-off medium length content. So when we began investing heavily in original episodic & long-form programming, we needed to intentionally design for the experience of consuming that type of content.
The OpportunityOur hypothesis was that premium content deserved to be encompanied by a premium experience. And by creating a distinct experience for our subscribers, we could make our offering more desirable & useful.
ConstraintsWorking inside of a large institution with a rich legacy of UX patterns is challenging enough, but when you purposelly seek to break those patterns to solve for a new use-case, you must move slowly & ensure you works in-sync with every stakeholder.
My RoleAs a User Experience Designer at Google, I led interaction design for all of the Premium Original Content surfaces across YouTube. I was responsible for identifying opportunities, designing solutions, and working with the broader team to bring them to fruition.
HighlightI guided interaction design for the evolution of our Premium offering
Worked with our research team to define critical user journeys for our product area. Product decisions were then measured by their impact against these journeys — giving design & research metrics by which to enact change.
Worked with our research team to conduct an ethnographic research trip in Japan to uncover patterns specific to the market and test prototypes with users.
A crosswalk in Shibuya Japan
Built prototypes of conceptual features & quality of life improvements for our Premium Subscribers. Aiming to improve the experience as a die-hard YouTube fan.
Lead a cross-functional sprint with stakeholders from across the product area. Utilizing the existing knowledge and organizational learnings of my peers to inform our projects.
A phone with the YouTube app open browsing movies & shows
A detail page inside the YouTube app for the show 'Furze World Wonders'
The YouTube website on a page dedicated to the game Fortnite
HighlightMade an impact across the company.
Identified a gap in our asset creation workflow that created friction & excessive manual labor. So I built an internal tool to automate portions of the process. Giving autonomy to our counterparts.
Worked with our growth team to reduce churn by implementing a post-cancellation recovery flow. The insights gathered went on to motivate retargeting and re-engagement initiatives
Helped to organize an internal conference that was attended by individuals from across Google products, offices, & countries.
Want a deeper dive on how I approached this project?Portfolio presentations are available upon request, drop me a line and I can guide you through how I work.