Carefull · Design Lead · 2020-2021

Empowering financial caregivers with simplicity, safety, and transparency.

Aspects of this project are confidential & can’t be displayed publicly. If you’d like to know more about my process, schedule a portfolio presentation.
Picture of a mother and son embracing eachother. A purple ring surrounds them showing protection.
About The Project
Our CustomersAn estimated 45 million Americans are financial caregivers — adult children responsible for the financial well-being of their aging parents. They pay bills, haggle with utilities, plan for their future, and pay for things they need — all while managing their own financial and family life.
Their ProblemsConfusing forms, unsustainable spending behavior, inscrutable legal processes, fraud, abuse — caregivers face a broad set of issues, only compounded by the emotional complexity of a shifting power dynamic in their parental relationship.
ConstraintsI joined Carefull at the very beginning of its life (employee 2). Velocity was the life-blood of the business, we needed high-conviction design artifacts produced every single day. Our mantra was to understand quickly, ship needed functionality, and iterate relentlessly.
My RoleAs the lead designer (and only designer), my responsibilities were broad and intertwined in every portion of our operations. I served as researcher, brand designer, UX designer, UI designer, & front-end developer.
HighlightI used research to build a deep understanding of our customers & inform product decisions.
Conducted 1:1 qualitative research sessions with financial caregivers to create a ground truth by which to guide product decisions.
Aided our head of growth in the formulation of quantitative studies to better understand our market and larger customer trends.
Built foundational artifacts to give our team insight into the experiences, responsibilities, and needs of our customers.
Conducted synchronous & asynchronous usability tests on our interface touchpoints.
Met with users to understand how our product fit into their life & guide iterations of our offering.
Ran workshops with our founding team to shape our company & product thinking.
HighlightI crafted a brand that communicates trust, understanding, and a focus on generational bonds.
An icon that contains 8 dots arranged in a circle on a purple background.
An image of a modern mother with a baby and a retro family portrait. Connected with a line to show a family bond.
A stack of print material
A book with the title 'The Financial Caregiving Roadmap'
HighlightDesigned every experience touchpoint across the service in lock-step with engineering, business, & growth.
Uncovered user journeys, mapped flows, built wireframes, and constructed prototypes to shape our product.
Used quantitative & qualitative data from our customers to iterate and ship constant UX improvements.
Multiple images of an app experience
An iphone lockscreen with an alert that says 'Mom's bill State Famr for $89.87 is due tomorrow. You pay via autopay.'
An alert that says 'Duplicate Transactions' with two similar transactions from Walgreens
Three emails that display various pieces of information relevant to signing up for an app.
A bunch of interface elements that would appear in an app
Want a deeper dive on how I approached this project?Portfolio presentations are available upon request, drop me a line and I can guide you through how I work.